Amazing drummer and cares so much to teach and play, best teacher I have ever had, would highly recommend to anyone.

Nathan Sarris

David is the definition of a consummate professional. His ability, approach to teaching, and genuine passion for music make taking lessons from him an absolute pleasure. David has a way of making a student feel at ease and comfortable with where they are and then meeting them there. This approach keeps things fun and seems to speed the learning process in the direction of the student’s goals. I am an older “hobbyist” drummer. I’ve been a self taught guitarist for years, but in recent years turned my focus to drums. I wanted to go beyond the “self taught” level and have a better understanding of notation and time. David was able to teach me those things quickly and move into playing the style of music I wanted to play very quickly as well. This kept things interesting and put me at ease. I highly recommend anyone of any age to work with David and become a better musician!

Tracy Prater

My daughter has been taking drum lessons with David for a couple months. When I signed her up, I did not know what to expect. David has been awesome! Not only is he patient with his students, he is always full of positive energy that inspires confidence and motivation in my daughter. After the lesson, he always shows me what they covered that day. I needed a little assistance in deciding which equipment to purchase and David went above and beyond. He recommended an economical but quality drum kit that my daughter can use for a long time. It is obvious he has a passion for drumming and he passes it onto others.

Tina DiClemente Neal

Studio City and I miss you, David. Buddy Rich, Ralph Humphreys, and Simon have nothing on you.

Ron Del Barrio

Los Angeles Actor (Good Advice, CSI, The O.C.) and Golf Coach to the Stars

I have been in lessons with David for a little over a month and from day one he has been so encouraging and helpful. He knows that I had a musical background so he doesn’t belittle my knowledge, but reinforces and builds upon what I already know. He does a great job of teaching me proper technique and he is patient with me when I struggle in certain musical passages. I have told many friends and family about him. I highly recommend David for any of your drumming needs.

Jazmyn Simmons

David is by far one of the best percussionists/musicians I have had the pleasure of playing with and learning from. Professional, authentic, on time and engaged. You really cannot go wrong having David on your team. I highly recommend him for lessons, live sessions, recording and writing!

Justin Gaither

We love Dave! My son has been taking drum lessons from Dave for almost a year. The improvements have been incredible. The way he teaches is easy to follow and the snare drum techniques have helped a lot with band.

Lea Green

I’ve played with David countless times over the past year plus, and I am always blown away by his talent as well as his professionalism. He’s an excellent drummer and teacher, as well as a really good dude. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to learn drums OR need a legitimate, prepared drummer! This is your guy.

Coleman Martin

David is an outstanding and phenomenal drummer! Always comes in on time, prepared, and nails the part without getting off click no matter how difficult the part. He is also versatile and can adjust to any change on the fly that you request. He’s not only an amazing drummer/musician, but also has an amazing heart and it shows. I HIGHLY recommend David Curtis!

Matthew Jennings

Jackson really enjoys and likes his drum lessons.  We were so lucky to have come across David.  Great guy, great drummer and person.  We look forward to coming to his lessons every week.  #futurerockstardrummer #littledrummerboy

Jennifer Grantham

Being a remarkable performer with international experience, David Curtis is an exceptional choice for a drum instructor. He is an expert on drumming techniques and can teach you how to play in all of the music genres. I like how he paces instruction for me and his organized approach. He can teach all ages. I strongly recommend him.

Paula LeBlanc

My son and I have been taking lessons from David for about 7 months. David is a true professional in the drumming field. It’s always fun to come in for a lesson and play along side him. That keeps us motivated to keep moving forward, to get on that kit even when we don’t feel like it. David simply makes it easy and fun.

James Averette

I’ve been taking classes with David over the last 2 months. I started from zero and he is teaching me everything, from every part of a drum set to different grooves and rudiments. David makes me feel super confident every time we play together and in a short period of time I’ve been improving my drum skills 100%. David is super dedicated with his students, he also helped me to find the perfect head for my snare drum and also changed and tuned it for me. David is a great teacher and he is making my dream come true to play drums in my 40’s.

Ricardo Mendoza

Hi, my name is Sheila and I’m 54 years old. I have always wanted to learn how to play the drums so I finally bit the bullet and signed up for lessons. David is my instructor and he is fantastic! After just two lessons, I was playing the drums together with songs. He is a great teacher and very patient with his students. If you want to learn to play, you won’t go wrong taking lessons from him. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Sheila Hendrix

Awesome drummer and teacher of the drums! You need to check it out👊🏽🥁✌🏽

Betsy Baines

Amazing drummer . Helped bring the songs to life!

Debbie Skeens Sheehy