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David is a drum instructor with Guitar Center located in Birmingham, AL. He also provides in-person customized drum lessons from his home studio, as well as remote online classes via Skype/Zoom for those outside of the Birmingham area. With over 25 years of experience, David’s high level of expertise and technical skills will help you achieve your goals as a drummer on a timeline that works for you.

What to Expect

Lessons are tailored to suite each individual’s needs, utilizing a curriculum-based approach with focus and emphasis on each student’s individual goals. David provides a patient, friendly and comfortable environment structured to meet the needs, schedule and ambitions of the student.

Students are accepted from all age ranges and skill levels. The average age of a student beginning drum lessons is 7 years old. However, no one is ever too old to take up a musical instrument. Music is enjoyed by all and is fun to learn!

Through a strong commitment, dedication and integrity, David provides a quality music education from the teaching of basic foundational skills to enhancing professional level play.

Curriculum includes:

  • Drum kit Basics (set up/about)
  • Physical Fundamentals (physical approach to the drum set including posture)
  • Grip (how to hold your drumsticks)
  • Techniques (finger control; wrist control; bass drum control (foot techniques))
  • Dynamics (playing drums at different volumes from soft to loud)
  • Around the Drums (includes touch and how to ‘play’ (hit) the drums)
  • Reading Fundamentals (music theory) and approach to reading as applied to the drum set
  • Counting (includes reading exercises using rests)
  • Basic Standard Rhythms (name recognition)
  • Rudiments
  • Grooves and Rudiments
  • Snare/Bass Drum Variations
  • Different Patterns using 8th notes, 16th notes
  • Open Hi Hat Variations (different feels)
  • Colors (different sounds around the drums)
  • Singles and Doubles on snare drum
  • Accents
  • Sticking Patterns (develops playing around the kit)
  • Playing Songs
  • Rhythm Development
  • Inner-Dynamic Mix
  • Left Hand Development
  • Different Styles of Drumming (rock; jazz; latin (afro-cuban/brazilian); funk; reggae)
  • Timekeeping (tempo development using a metronome)
  • Tuning Drums
  • Playing with other Musicians
  • Groove/Feel
  • Soloing
  • Expanding Your Vocabulary:
    • Syncopation (off-beat)
    • Linear (everything hits separately)
    • Fills and Phrasing
    • Coordination/Independence
  • One on One discussions (insight into valuable experiences and lessons learned)
  • Personal Drumming Goals (developing a practice regimen; setting goals; measuring progress
  • A Drummer’s Lead Role (the backbone keeping everything together)


Each week you will look forward to your lesson. As we work together to develop your skills through a custom program and curriculum, structured specifically to meet your needs, schedule and goals.


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